LAST CALL - Hot Takes & Cold Beer

Episode 25- LAST CALL! The Guys discuss beer, TV commercials, and winter travel destinations

December 16, 2021 Hot Takes & Cold Beer Season 1 Episode 25
LAST CALL - Hot Takes & Cold Beer
Episode 25- LAST CALL! The Guys discuss beer, TV commercials, and winter travel destinations

Sargon Hanna: [00:00:23] Hot takes and Cold beer. What's up, everyone?


Sean Briggs: [00:00:25] Hey, everyone.


Josh Briggs: [00:00:26] Hey, sorry, God, I'm Josh.


Sargon Hanna: [00:00:28] Hi, I'm Sargon


Sean Briggs: [00:00:29] And I'm Sean.


Josh Briggs: [00:00:30] What's up, everybody?


Sargon Hanna: [00:00:31] How much have you guys been


Josh Briggs: [00:00:33] On


Sean Briggs: [00:00:34] Board and busy at the same time?


Josh Briggs: [00:00:37] Yeah. Is that


Sean Briggs: [00:00:38] It? Well, I got we got a lot of things to do, but we're waiting on some stuff.


Josh Briggs: [00:00:41] Yeah, that makes it a little challenging, that's for sure.


Sargon Hanna: [00:00:44] There's nothing worse than when you're waiting for somebody else to finish something for you. Yeah.


Sean Briggs: [00:00:49] Waiting on some stuff, waiting on some people


Sargon Hanna: [00:00:52] When it's out of your hands. No control, basically.


Sean Briggs: [00:00:55] But good, you know, everyone's happy and healthy at the moment, for the most part.


Josh Briggs: [00:00:59] Sure, we're good. My oldest is coming home in a couple of days for the weekend. Your kids are coming home. We had the we're in the holiday season. You're going away, of course.


Sargon Hanna: [00:01:08] Yeah, my wife's coming home and I'm going away. So it works out. Perfect. Just kidding, Catherine.


Josh Briggs: [00:01:14] I was wondering if we have a beer or a beer to talk about.


Sargon Hanna: [00:01:17] You know what? Let's start this episode of the beer. Why not? All right. We've done it a million other times


Josh Briggs: [00:01:22] Before, I think. Twenty eight,


Sean Briggs: [00:01:24] Really only six, twenty


Josh Briggs: [00:01:25] Seven, twenty five on this particular show did it on the other show a hundred


Sargon Hanna: [00:01:31] Million times.


Josh Briggs: [00:01:33] All right up here we have.


Sargon Hanna: [00:01:35] So today


Josh Briggs: [00:01:36] This looks like something I'm going to


Sargon Hanna: [00:01:38] Love. So if you've ever been to a restaurant, you'll know we have a great beer list, right? And we like to switch up the beer list. And it's kind of like an obsession of ours. We would make sure we have the best beer on tap and it's rotating all the time. Hmm. Save for maybe two lines. Yeah. The Nitro Tap ninety nine percent of the time will have Guinness on, and then the first line will since day one has had night shift night light. So that is like basically the House Lager for four reunion. Mm hmm. It's a that beer is a light lager. It's from guys at night shift. It's in Boston. So it's local, it's craft and it tastes great. And is it any good? That's great. Yeah. For you know, you should try for Josh has only had, I mean, half not counting, like maybe a hundred thousand pounds of it, but like I would say, that would be a conservative. Guess it's


Sean Briggs: [00:02:31] Conservative. I would say that you might be the largest consumer


Josh Briggs: [00:02:35] Of I think you're I'm pretty


Sean Briggs: [00:02:37] Not just here, just like


Sargon Hanna: [00:02:39] In general, like you got it more than the


Josh Briggs: [00:02:41] Brewers. I thought you meant my stature.


Sean Briggs: [00:02:43] Like, I guess, consumer, we should. We should talk to night shift. But they might want to put your picture on the for a minute


Sargon Hanna: [00:02:49] Literally be like, I don't think anyone's had this beer more than you don't


Sean Briggs: [00:02:52] Blame the


Sargon Hanna: [00:02:52] Tank.


Josh Briggs: [00:02:54] I believe that to be true, and I think it's a I'm a I definitely have like I'm in the running for the top


Sargon Hanna: [00:03:00] Dollar, but it's got to be. I mean,


Josh Briggs: [00:03:02] As you're saying that as you're talking about the kegs, it made me realize that we really haven't told many people about the beer selection in the back room, but we can talk about that after we have this sip of beer here.


Sean Briggs: [00:03:13] Yeah, so this is


Sargon Hanna: [00:03:15] Well, so I'm getting there. So when we when we talk about the rotating, rotating draft list, usually I don't have to think, right? Every week I order two half barrels a nightlight. It's very easy. It's been very easy. I don't know what happened last week. I completely forgot to order a night shift night light, and on Saturday we were out of night lights that go with tap the other keg and there was no other cake and I was kind of didn't know what to do, I think.


Josh Briggs: [00:03:42] And so I got a a text saying that I was done. I was actually going to leave the


Sean Briggs: [00:03:49] Building and I to work here. And uh,


Sargon Hanna: [00:03:51] Yeah, I think your words were like, Yeah, I'm done. I quit. I'm not doing this anymore. And I was like, Just because we have no nightlife. But yeah, yeah, actually.


Sean Briggs: [00:04:01] Like, That's enough.


Sargon Hanna: [00:04:02] So I was scrambling. I never really want to put. I mean, Guinness is different because it is although not craft, because there are huge brewery, but that is really like they don't have all these subsidiary beers.


Sean Briggs: [00:04:17] It's the world's most


Sargon Hanna: [00:04:18] Famous stuff, and it's just the world's most and it tastes. It's probably my favorite beer. So that has an exception, right? But I never really want to put like I don't want to put like Miller Lite or Bud Light and on draught. It's just not what we're trying to do. So scrambling, trying to find a distributor that will deliver on Monday and that serves a


Sean Briggs: [00:04:39] Similar beer,


Sargon Hanna: [00:04:40] Four point six percent light beer, whatever. I called up my guy from Atlas and he said I got pick organic. And I said, What a speaker, organic. I honestly, I'm ignorant. I don't know what it is. And their brewery, I guess they've been around for a very long time. Craft beer. And they're out of Portland, Maine. Yeah, and they have a beer called Fresh Cut. It's a pilsner. Four point seven percent tastes


Josh Briggs: [00:05:05] Good fits right in. Exactly.


Sean Briggs: [00:05:07] That's a great beer. So I


Sargon Hanna: [00:05:09] Said, Yeah, let's go for


Sean Briggs: [00:05:10] It. Yeah, we like


Josh Briggs: [00:05:11] Kind of like the Mark Wahlberg character in that football movie just got called up to the big game. I didn't even know it was going to happen.


Sargon Hanna: [00:05:17] So it's the first time we've had any of their beer here. And all of a sudden, they're on online number one, you know, they're taking the night shift line, yeah, it's like or


Sean Briggs: [00:05:24] Pull them up from AAA to hitting the big leagues. You better perform, buddy. This is it.


Sargon Hanna: [00:05:29] So yeah, I guess my first I'm trying it.


Sean Briggs: [00:05:32] You know, nightlight to me, is very much like a craft version of Miller or Miller Lite. Yeah. This one to me is more Budweiser ish. It's it's slightly drier. It's got a little bit of a Budweiser profile, more so. So this would be like a sweetness. Yeah, it's just it's got so, but still a craft version. It's very nice. This is delicious. It's similar more to the shilling than it is.


Sargon Hanna: [00:05:55] Yeah. Well, because it's the pills, so it's going to have a different hop variety in it or a different malt bottle. Yeah, malt and hops both. And I actually


Sean Briggs: [00:06:05] Really like it. Yeah, this is really good. Very easy to drink.


Josh Briggs: [00:06:08] So you later night light.


Sargon Hanna: [00:06:10] Well, I mean, let's talk quickly. We forget our


Sean Briggs: [00:06:14] Not that we like to pull the curtain back much, but I'm guessing this is more than night shift.


Sargon Hanna: [00:06:18] I know, actually. Oh, really? Actually, it was a good deal. Ok, so that was another, you


Josh Briggs: [00:06:23] Know, another person. I do like it, but it doesn't. It's missing that there's a it's a malt profile that's different. Yeah, there's a brightness. This is smoother, which is OK, but it's like in the mouth, like a softer mouthfeel for me where I think there's a little bitterness in the in the night light that I love. Yeah, but this doesn't have. It's actually at the end. It's kind of I feel like I need to eat something rather than drink another.


Sargon Hanna: [00:06:46] So. Yeah, yeah,


Sean Briggs: [00:06:48] Yeah, I do like it, though we've we've had the peak stuff before, they have a pretty decent selection there. They're one of those craft beers that were early enough in the game where they've sort of fallen out of favor with beer snobs. Ok, which is a shame because it's a super quality beer.


Josh Briggs: [00:07:02] Yeah, yeah.


Sean Briggs: [00:07:04] But no, no, no. It's like somebody knows, and there are certain beers that have like, they weren't really ahead of their game at a time. And now people are like, Oh, you drink Budweiser passé.


Sargon Hanna: [00:07:14] But it's still just not true. Yeah, exactly.


Sean Briggs: [00:07:17] Berkshire is in that position. They make great beer, but like steel rails,


Sargon Hanna: [00:07:21] Josh, you know, they say now everyone's boring to me, like that kind of cut. I'm younger and stuff so true.


Josh Briggs: [00:07:26] I get that all the time. They're like, You're you're you're the Sam Adams of Restaurant Restaurant. I was like, Yeah, first to the scene buried in right near, um, well, the Boston Common.


Sargon Hanna: [00:07:40] But Paul Revere, but sometimes sometimes they make a resurgence like this is organic. Now we might bring these guys back. Yeah, it's great. You know, maybe we say goodbye to nightlife. Well, we never know. We'll sleep.


Josh Briggs: [00:07:51] Keep them guessing.


Sean Briggs: [00:07:51] That's well. And then, you know, like when you jokingly said Sam Adams. But like, they crossed the line to the point where they don't need to, like be in or out of favor. They're they're big enough.


Sargon Hanna: [00:08:02] There's some definition, and I don't know whose definition it is. But like the the. Oh yeah, yeah,


Sean Briggs: [00:08:07] Jim redefines the definition as he gets bigger.


Sargon Hanna: [00:08:09] He's OK. He makes a lot of sense, which is brilliant. Yeah. Of what a craft beer company is, how many barrels or how many, whatever. And they've gotten to a big number where they probably aren't anymore, but he still goes out there and he


Josh Briggs: [00:08:24] Still only has one percent of the beer market. That's right. Yeah, that's it. Yeah. Sam Adams only has one percent, which it's I mean, it's a phenomenal


Sean Briggs: [00:08:35] Yeah, considering the 50000 beers available, maybe there, probably more. There might be a hundred thousand beers available. He's got one percent. That's like.


Josh Briggs: [00:08:43] But like, InBev has like 48.


Sean Briggs: [00:08:45] Oh yeah, of course. And it's called Bud Light still has like 17 percent.


Sargon Hanna: [00:08:48] You know, it's his company and he's still highly vested in it. It's not like he goes, Yeah, it's not like he, you know, it's his company and he sold out and whatever. He's still doing. The thing, I mean, they they've grown and that says more about him as a businessman to probably than anything else.


Josh Briggs: [00:09:03] Yeah, yeah. But we actually later


Sean Briggs: [00:09:06] We're going to have him as a guest.


Josh Briggs: [00:09:07] Twenty twenty two, he's going to be a guest. He was going to be one of the last few shows, actually, but because of


Sargon Hanna: [00:09:15] The variant


Josh Briggs: [00:09:15] To the variant came out and he's he's just being safe about that, which I don't to get. Yeah, so we're going to go. They invited us. He invited us into the brewery and bottle test for a test brewery, and he wants us to do a mobile version of this. But we'll, you know,


Sargon Hanna: [00:09:30] That would be maybe will


Sean Briggs: [00:09:31] Be video ready by then. Yeah.


Sargon Hanna: [00:09:33] Well, I think at the time they wanted to, they said, Well, maybe we could do Zoom, and I don't think any of us were into that. We're like, No, let's go, hang out and drink some beer.


Sean Briggs: [00:09:41] The beer beer vision beer like doesn't. It doesn't taste good over Zoom. I can't try any of the Test beers.


Sargon Hanna: [00:09:47] So I also did say that we don't put Anheuser-Busch products or like, you know, we want craft beer on the craft line.


Josh Briggs: [00:09:54] Yeah, but you can get all that stuff anyway.


Sargon Hanna: [00:09:56] Absolutely. So like, it's not like we're not so much in the we still have customers who are into that style of beer and we're not discriminatory in that.


Sean Briggs: [00:10:05] The last time I ran the report, Bud Light, still our


Sargon Hanna: [00:10:07] Number one selling. Yeah, so you know what? We got to carry that. We got to carry the of rights. You have to and then in the back room, we don't even have any tap handles and we talked about the back room before. Yeah. So in the back room. We got some cans. We got a lot of cans, actually


Sean Briggs: [00:10:22] And and some bottles


Sargon Hanna: [00:10:24] And some bottles, and we got some fun stuff. I actually finally ordered some


Sean Briggs: [00:10:28] A couple of crafts.


Sargon Hanna: [00:10:29] I did. Yeah. I think we had a fiddlehead IPA. We're going to get our main lunch.


Sean Briggs: [00:10:33] Awesome. Perfect. Those are perfect. But we've got like, we've got Stella, we got Red Stripe, we've got Blue Moon, which people ask for in the other room constantly. Yeah, of course. The usual we got the champagne of beers, which we don't have in the other room. Another highlight, which is the PBR Pounders Sierra Nevada Green Label.


Sargon Hanna: [00:10:52] I haven't tried one of the favorites. No, he did.


Sean Briggs: [00:10:54] Yeah. I love the red stripe. I haven't had a red stripe 15 years and I've had a couple.


Sargon Hanna: [00:10:58] I usually just order red stripe just to be different because I've never seen it anywhere, so it's great. It was like one of the first beers. I'm like, We have to have that on it as it comes in a cool bottle and it's great. The commercials used to be really cool.


Sean Briggs: [00:11:09] Yeah. What else we got? We had a bunch of stuff back there.


Josh Briggs: [00:11:12] Speaking of Guinness in cans, I thought that I should probably start since this is coming out tomorrow on weekly basis. So we should maybe talk a little bit about the musicians playing just quick. Everyone can, you know, just I think this week we've got a pretty fun lineup, actually. So I wanted to just go ahead, go real quick. And you know, if you're listening to this, it will be, you know, tomorrow.


Sargon Hanna: [00:11:33] Yes, tomorrow is Thursday, December 16. And I, unfortunately, I'm not going to be here. I'm going to be in. I'm going to be traveling tomorrow, guys going to Miami.


Josh Briggs: [00:11:43] We're going to talk about that one second.


Sargon Hanna: [00:11:45] All right. Fine, fine. I wanted to. I'm getting very excited.


Josh Briggs: [00:11:48] You're going away.


Sargon Hanna: [00:11:49] Yeah. Have I told you yet?


Josh Briggs: [00:11:52] Oh, I'm sorry. I got so confused. I thought you were sending me to Miami. Shit. I'm going to pack my bags.


Sargon Hanna: [00:11:58] My anxiety been through the roof that I'm been telling everyone that I'm going just to remind them.


Josh Briggs: [00:12:03] Just coincidentally, or not coincidentally, just on that last note, they're basically this weekend. Tomorrow night, we've got the halfwits in here which


Sargon Hanna: [00:12:11] Are, I thought you were going to play the guy from fiber. Literally, it was like waiting for it. I want to.


Josh Briggs: [00:12:16] Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. Then on Friday night, we've got Ari Walker in the early part of the evening, then ripple effects playing the later part of the evening. And then Saturday night we have the Bob Moon implosion, which is Bob Moon's three piece band, which is so


Sargon Hanna: [00:12:34] Much fun, which is which is going to happen within the next three to five years. Yeah.


Josh Briggs: [00:12:40] And then Sundays, Marc Manzella out in the main room. So it's gonna be a blast.


Sargon Hanna: [00:12:43] I'm happy because Ari Walker had we had scheduled her one week with the tents and I think it was really shitty weather outside and she went out and played a little bit, but didn't really get the full feel. So I'm glad they're coming back for the back room because you can really let loose back here.


Josh Briggs: [00:13:01] I think you're right. But let's talk about real quick about this trip you're taking to. Yes. Where do you say? What's the name of the town again?


Sargon Hanna: [00:13:08] Miami.


Sean Briggs: [00:13:09] Yeah, Miami.


Sargon Hanna: [00:13:10] Oh, I've heard. Which is right. So the wintertime back up a little bit, right? I've been wanting to travel forever. I keep talking about traveling. I people ask, What are your interests? I say traveling, and then people ask, Well, where have you been? Nowhere since, like two thousand like, you know, 10, I probably have gone. I haven't done anything, really. You know, a couple of trips to Miami, a couple of trips to. I went to Punta Cana, Chicago, but Seattle once. But like, I know everyone's like, Well, wow, that sounds like, but it's not that much over the last ten years. It's like, I've really hasn't somebody who says they like to travel. So I'm making it a commitment to myself that I'm just going to book them and just go and be, you know, just live this life once you got to just jump in. That's right. So Miami, my cousin and his brother in law, they were going to Miami. And basically, you know, those two guys, they you know, brother, how you would be with any brother in law. That's a good time. But you know, four days together, you kind of need a third person. You need a third wheel there to break it up a little bit. Yeah, and that's where I come in. So Miami in December, why the hell not? Why not? Or Worcester in December? You know, it's like, I think it's an easy and it


Sean Briggs: [00:14:27] Is the week before the holidays it's going to be happen. Yeah, there's a lot of people going out. Absolutely. Everyone's going to be busy.


Josh Briggs: [00:14:33] I I have been to Miami recently and, you know, in the past year of my life, and it's a pretty fun town.


Sargon Hanna: [00:14:40] Miami holds a special place in my heart. I mean, Katherine and I went there for our first anniversary and our fifth anniversary. Where will


Josh Briggs: [00:14:46] You be? What part of the. So we're going to


Sargon Hanna: [00:14:49] Be sitting at the fountain blue, someone we've always yeah, I've always wanted to stay there right up on Collins, but it's way up. So it's North Beach, really almost. It's almost because it's probably it's I don't think it's considered South Beach still, but I mean, maybe it is, but it's way up there.


Josh Briggs: [00:15:04] I think I know what you mean after the break.


Sean Briggs: [00:15:06] Like past this house?


Sargon Hanna: [00:15:09] Yeah, it's like, yeah, it's about it's I mean, so the W Hotel is like twenty three hundred Collins. The Fontainebleau is like four thousand Collins. Oh, OK. So it's you know, yeah, about. Twelve more blocks up or whatever that is, so I guess it's a big like, you know, celebrities will always talk about it. People talk about the fountain blue. They had been there once we went there for dinner


Josh Briggs: [00:15:29] Pit bull or something.


Sargon Hanna: [00:15:30] Hopefully, hopefully, I'll tell them how smart of a man he is and great great of an artist. But he already knows here, people. Literally. That's probably the best life, right? Absolutely, people. He's just a fun time. Yeah, he just wants to go out and party. That's really all it is. Yeah, that's it.


Josh Briggs: [00:15:51] Yeah. So Miami in December, it's going to be awesome. The weather will be great that I, you know, the South Beach area is beautiful.


Sargon Hanna: [00:15:59] You've been to Miami, Sean. You bet.


Sean Briggs: [00:16:01] Many, not many, a few times. I love it, though I will say spent a few weeks, three weeks. There been, oh wow, my lifetime. Well, because we used to do events down there when I worked at corporate and I'd be down there for a week to do a corporate events.


Sargon Hanna: [00:16:16] But what? The weather's usually


Sean Briggs: [00:16:17] Perfect. I stayed at Doral, which is not technically they say Miami, but it's technically kind of in the ghetto, actually, but not far from Miami, and we always had transportation.


Sargon Hanna: [00:16:25] That's the golf course, right?


Sean Briggs: [00:16:26] Yeah. So it's Donald Trump owned now, but then it wasn't. They have three. There's three golf courses at Doral and it's the PGA Tour stop. The blue course is the one that they play on the PGA Tour. And, you know, Tiger Woods has played it many times, so I'm not saying it's, but I don't know if it's a stop any longer, although it might be. I don't know. I paid attention all the stops, but I've got to play the golf courses there. That was the I tell the story about the the first time I was ever in a cart where they had these giant led screens that you could order from the stuff. And so they have this thing there where, huh,


Josh Briggs: [00:17:02] That happened to you?


Sean Briggs: [00:17:04] Well, these folks haven't heard it, so I get to tell it again. But like, literally, there's like a


Sargon Hanna: [00:17:10] Condition like no other. When we go golfing,


Sean Briggs: [00:17:13] There's a menu button in the cart and you order whatever you want and you just keep playing and they bring it out to you wherever you are. They had GPS. Now everyone has GPS at golf courses now, but they literally like you order a martini and they will find you out on the fairway. They just bring it out to you.


Sargon Hanna: [00:17:27] That's awesome. Yeah. And it's not a coincidence that Sean will tell this story. You can tell he's just like a little bit hungry. Yeah, hey, man, if I


Sean Briggs: [00:17:35] Just order a


Sargon Hanna: [00:17:36] Sandwich right now,


Josh Briggs: [00:17:38] I'll tell you when I was in there last time. My favorite part or favorite neighborhood was the where the when Winwood hit. That's such a great neighborhood with all the artwork. Incredible.


Sargon Hanna: [00:17:53] Well, so that was like no man's land back in the day, right?


Josh Briggs: [00:17:56] That's what I was told.


Sargon Hanna: [00:17:57] And it became, you know, they it was, you know, the epitome of gentrification from what I understand. And they left all the graffiti, left all the walls the way they were, and then they added art


Josh Briggs: [00:18:08] To it, right? They took it a little further. And you have artists come in and intentionally do they'll give them like an entire wall to make this amazing artwork? And every building is completely drenched in graffiti, but like professional graffiti? Yeah. Like intentional, like you have this section. Do your artwork there? Yeah, amazing. And then all the little restaurants are super cool. Yeah, there's some great food stores are great. Everything was like


Sargon Hanna: [00:18:33] To bring it back to beer. Jay Wakefield Brewing right there. Right there. Yeah, yeah, right. Yeah. And it's really cool spot and they have awesome beer over there and


Sean Briggs: [00:18:44] He has a really fun approach to


Sargon Hanna: [00:18:45] Beer. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I mean, if you like heavier beers and like you can do a lot of brown ales and stouts, and I mean, he has some heavy hitters, you can find 15 percent or something and stuff like that. But they have they have great beer and it's in a cool spot in Wynwood. We had a great meal in Wynwood, so it's now it's like Musk must go see that neighborhood. Whereas before it was almost like in Boston, where the Seaport District, like nobody went there 20 years ago, it was nothing there. Now, all of a sudden, it's a place to be.


Josh Briggs: [00:19:17] I just think it's so important. New England in the in the winter can get, you know, can can get like, I think the word doldrums, you know, came from


Sargon Hanna: [00:19:29] The month of February in New England. And it's like gray skies, shit, weather cold.


Sean Briggs: [00:19:35] They're always wet. Oh, it's


Sargon Hanna: [00:19:36] Nothing nice about February in New


Josh Briggs: [00:19:38] England to find something. It's not everybody can go to Miami, you know? No, you know, like Sean and I had an annual trip we used to take every year. We'd go skiing for a few days up in Killington around Martin Luther King Day, and that was always fantastic. But even just like finding.


Sean Briggs: [00:19:56] You know,


Josh Briggs: [00:19:56] Something that you like. You know, we have people that come to our trivia games here and that that's like a weekly thing that sort of keeps them excited, like people coming to see the live music, finding new things that maybe you don't. Absolutely. Especially like finding some sort of pattern. I think in the winter you got to fight, like, really have something to look forward to.


Sargon Hanna: [00:20:16] What are you missing? I mean, some people love the winner. They'll go skiing. They'll do that. Most people I know hate. Absolutely. They're like me. They hate it. And to find happiness is seasonal. Depression is, I think, a real thing. Like if you get in the, you know, especially when the weather here. I mean, if you're listening from afar, then if you don't know, you don't know. But if you're here in the winter and like, it can get awful. Yeah. And having what you like, you said that routine or getting out of town or whatever it is, you even


Josh Briggs: [00:20:46] Feel like every Thursday, I'm going to go see live music. I don't care where I'm going to go do that.


Sargon Hanna: [00:20:49] Did you have anything like that last winter?


Josh Briggs: [00:20:51] Last winter I had this place, I think, which was the only thing that kept any of us sane because most places were not really fully opened. And was that true? We had the COVID like challenge really well.


Sargon Hanna: [00:21:04] Yeah, last December, January was tough. We had more outbreaks


Josh Briggs: [00:21:08] And I did. I did take a trip to Mexico, though last year for a few days. That was


Sean Briggs: [00:21:14] Fun. Yeah, like right when the travel ban was lifted, right?


Josh Briggs: [00:21:16] Yeah.


Sargon Hanna: [00:21:16] As soon as there's something about getting out of here and doing that in the wintertime and then coming back like, we energizes you like you don't realize how much you miss the Sun, right? Like, I remember going to Arizona one year in February and I was going for not so much fun things like my mother was sick, but I remember being there and like, I was up early and like, Go get your coffee and like, late eight a.m. And I'm like, ready to go versus here at eight a.m. I want to like, go to bed. Yeah, you got to like it takes a while to get up. And so there's something to it, man.


Sean Briggs: [00:21:51] Yeah, the nice, warm weather is something you need. You know, when we're doing winter things, I don't mind winter, but like if I'm just doing regular work, the cold weather, I'm done with it. Are you guys skiers? Yeah.


Josh Briggs: [00:22:04] Well, I don't ski so much anymore. Know we grew up. We grew up skiing. Little Sean started skiing and sort of introduced our whole family to it. And then my father got into it and sort of carried me along as the younger kid. So yeah, I've been skiing since I was about fourth or fifth grade. Yeah, sounds about right and then


Sargon Hanna: [00:22:21] Me, and let's do that a lot too.


Josh Briggs: [00:22:26] But then at a certain point, when my kids were born, I was I felt like I wanted to like, slow down on the mountain because I think I was kind of I wasn't really great, but I was a little stupid sometimes. And my decisions of like things I thought I could jump over and ski through and stuff. And so I decided to learn how to snowboard, and that took me a little while. But once I got that, I haven't really gone back, so I snowboard. If we go skiing?


Sean Briggs: [00:22:53] Interesting. But we go with a big group. We haven't gone because of COVID, but we've done it for a long time.


Sargon Hanna: [00:22:59] It could be a fun family trip. I feel like, you know, if everyone's into it,


Sean Briggs: [00:23:02] Yeah, this is this is a guy trip.


Josh Briggs: [00:23:04] Yeah.


Sargon Hanna: [00:23:05] Yeah, Killington guy trip.


Josh Briggs: [00:23:06] But I have I used to bring the kids up to.


Sargon Hanna: [00:23:10] Oh wait, you got to tell the story like, like, I don't know, at a hundred percent, but it's something like you are the face of smugglers notch or something. And I'm not exaggerating.


Josh Briggs: [00:23:20] That's true. It is actually true.


Sargon Hanna: [00:23:21] How does how does


Sean Briggs: [00:23:22] That even his family? Is that the


Josh Briggs: [00:23:24] Face if you go to smugglers notch or you get brochures from smugglers?


Sargon Hanna: [00:23:29] And that's what my win in New Hampshire,


Sean Briggs: [00:23:31] Vermont,


Josh Briggs: [00:23:32] But it's actually right up. I hit a top where we were OK on the other side of the hill.


Sean Briggs: [00:23:36] It's near the near the von Trapps.


Sargon Hanna: [00:23:39] Ok, OK.


Josh Briggs: [00:23:40] If you go to that mountain or if you receive any sort of publications from them or, you know, like their brochure or if you go, you'll you'll see in there, you'll see myself and my kids and my former wife like playing in the snow or swimming in the pool or, you know, playing frisbee golf. And yeah, so we got to do that for about five years in a row. We went up there every year and did a winter shoot and a summer shoot.


Sargon Hanna: [00:24:03] How do you guys how did that? How do you get that connection?


Josh Briggs: [00:24:07] So that was a weird one. You know, I was I actually did a commercial for British Cheese Corporation while I was working up for two cheese, but separate from British cheese. Like, I got cast for this because I used to go to open auditions all the time to get parts and commercials. And I landed this commercial only to find out it was for the company that I worked for, and I had actually called out a work that day to go to the audition. So I had to like, then go to the like president of the company and be like, so


Sargon Hanna: [00:24:34] Easy to


Josh Briggs: [00:24:35] Get cast to be in the commercial that year. And so but ultimately, it was great and I ended up doing the commercial. The guy shooting the commercial also knew my former wife because they had done some modeling stuff and some other thing, and he basically was like, Listen, I need a family to shoot like I got hired to. You think of smugglers notch all the family to like, pretend they're scheme, to pretend they're playing, eating dinner and pretend like you guys up for it, we're so we just started doing it and then it was cool. They were going to either pay us or we do a trade so they'd give us. We'd go up and shoot for a couple of days and then we'd get like a week to stay up there. All like so easy, just kept buying like they'd buy our vacations, basically. So we get like a summer getaway and a Christmas vacation. You know, a winter getaway. It was awesome. It was perfect. The kids were little and


Sean Briggs: [00:25:27] Me and they. And it turns out they still use a lot of those images. Not as many, but they're still some of them


Josh Briggs: [00:25:32] Hanging around last Father's


Sean Briggs: [00:25:33] Day. Yeah, you've got a brochure.


Josh Briggs: [00:25:35] No, their Facebook, their


Sean Briggs: [00:25:36] Facebook post is yours.


Josh Briggs: [00:25:37] A picture of me with Nate on my back and we're like walking through a field.


Sean Briggs: [00:25:41] Yeah, so they're still using


Josh Briggs: [00:25:43] Just this past month.


Sean Briggs: [00:25:44] So you should get your free vacation?


Josh Briggs: [00:25:46] No. No, I'm kidding. Deal. They had endless use of it. Yeah, they definitely have mine.


Sargon Hanna: [00:25:54] We have one like that for my father and I actually. So you're right.


Sean Briggs: [00:25:59] You remember one of my funniest memories of your, well, Jody, your former wife's print photography. Do you remember the store in all the malls called things remembered?


Sargon Hanna: [00:26:13] Yes.


Sean Briggs: [00:26:15] There was like mugs and glasses and frames and you name it, but everything was designed to have something inscribed on it, you know, like, Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday. Yes. Yes, Happy retirement. Little letter openers and paperweights. Mostly bullshit you would never want to give to anyone but like things that never leave your


Josh Briggs: [00:26:32] House, card your name


Sean Briggs: [00:26:33] Into it? Yeah, exactly. You could get like a beer stein and be like, Happy 50th dad or whatever. Best Man. Best Man. Yeah, we're like lighters or, you know, all kind of whatever, but the entire


Josh Briggs: [00:26:44] Somebody had a little engraving machine. They made a business out of it, right? And it's a nationwide chain, right? Yeah.


Sean Briggs: [00:26:49] So at one point, Jody did photography for them, and you'd go into things remembered in every frame, had a picture in it and it was Jody and half of them. So like is like in a dress or Jody is like posing. You're like. So like, they could literally go into things remembered by a frame. Take it home. Put it on the mantel. It would be right. They wouldn't have to take the picture out. The only difference that has a little UPC and price in the bottom, but it was Jody's picture. So go to the thing. Remember, and we're like, This is like a museum for Jodi. It's going on in here.


Sargon Hanna: [00:27:19] That's actually pretty. It's pretty funny. You know, you don't think about those things, but it's like, you know, somebody has to go and get to be. That would be that's called lifestyle modeling.


Josh Briggs: [00:27:28] And it's a whole genre of, yeah, of, you know, it's not necessarily like, you know, glamour,


Sean Briggs: [00:27:36] You know,


Josh Briggs: [00:27:36] Like if you get a, you know, if you if you're health insurance company sends you a brochure, if you open it up, there's a picture of like a mom holding a baby or a woman, you know, painting the wall or. And all those people got hired. Yeah, to take that photo and they get paid to do it. And it's a whole business of


Sean Briggs: [00:27:58] None of them are real pictures.


Sargon Hanna: [00:27:59] So sorry, but it's amazing. I'm going to go back a little bit. So you went to a shoot your casting. You got cast it and then you find out the day of it's a Birtukan. Right?


Sean Briggs: [00:28:09] Yeah.


Josh Briggs: [00:28:10] Know I got I didn't. The during the audition. You didn't know what company it was. Right?


Sargon Hanna: [00:28:15] So it could have been like, Oh, you're perfect for this diarrhea medication?


Sean Briggs: [00:28:20] Oh, you absolutely could be.


Josh Briggs: [00:28:21] Absolutely. I never did that. I did the impotence thing a few times. Obviously, I I'm just kidding.


Sean Briggs: [00:28:30] But that's pretty common. And they do that on purpose, actually.


Sargon Hanna: [00:28:34] Yeah. So you don't run away or you don't try to act harder.


Sean Briggs: [00:28:36] Right? So, you know, they just say what we need. We need a guy in his 30s that looks like average middle class white guy or whatever business casual


Josh Briggs: [00:28:45] These pretzels are making


Sean Briggs: [00:28:46] Me. And then you don't know where it's going to end up.


Josh Briggs: [00:28:49] Yeah, I mean, that's the same thing. When I got that McDonald's commercial, I had no idea it was McDonald's.


Sargon Hanna: [00:28:53] Now, now you are. You are a perfect services.


Sean Briggs: [00:28:56] Once they cast you, then you know,


Sargon Hanna: [00:28:57] For anyway, we don't want to shame anyone for their medical diarrhea loss. It's always a funny, you


Sean Briggs: [00:29:07] Know, if you're a famous actor, you don't. You find out like Wilford Brimley was doing the diabetes commercials. It wasn't a surprise he knew before.


Sargon Hanna: [00:29:16] Yeah, yeah, he was the face of diabetes.


Sean Briggs: [00:29:18] Yeah, exactly.


Josh Briggs: [00:29:19] The open what they call cattle call.


Sean Briggs: [00:29:21] Yeah, yeah.


Josh Briggs: [00:29:22] Because people line up and it's like, we need like, Sean said. They'll usually like, give you a physical like, we look. We need guys in their thirties, you know, with beards or like


Sargon Hanna: [00:29:33] We were in San Diego, a buddy of mine and we were sitting at a Starbucks and right across the street, they were doing an open audition because we saw a huge line and it was 11:00 a.m. Yeah. And I asked the barista, I'm like, What's going on over there? They're like, Yeah, it's a huge casting for whatever. Yeah. And we looked at each other. Should we go and we're like, we don't have headshots. And by the end of it, we're like, No, obviously, we can't just go wait in line or yeah,


Sean Briggs: [00:29:55] And it can. Either way,


Josh Briggs: [00:29:57] It turns out you don't need all that stuff. No, no. You know, make sure you're right. I mean, literally the McDonald's commercial I got, I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my former wife. She was in an audition. She was doing an audition and somebody came up to me like, Are you here for the McDonald's commercial? I didn't have anything. I was just sitting there and saying, Uh-Huh, yeah, you're just here for the McDonald's audition. And they brought me in and asked me to pretend I was eating. And then like, three hours later, they're like, You got the part. It was a national McDonald's commercial.


Sargon Hanna: [00:30:24] Do you think that's amazing, by the way? But imagine now being the guy to say Yes, that's what I'm looking for. That's you ate that. Exactly right. Do you think they're bullshitting at all? You think by the end of the day, they're like, Fuck you. All right. Yeah, this guy. Just get him in there and be done with it.


Sean Briggs: [00:30:40] There's got to be a fair amount of that.


Sargon Hanna: [00:30:41] So how many McDonald's commercials are you in? Just one


Josh Briggs: [00:30:43] One, but it played for


Sean Briggs: [00:30:46] In two languages, too.


Josh Briggs: [00:30:47] Yeah, it played for almost like 48 weeks.


Sargon Hanna: [00:30:49] Was it a national commercial?


Josh Briggs: [00:30:50] It was a national. Yeah, and it played. There's a the episode of Friends where Chandler proposes to Monica.


Sargon Hanna: [00:31:00] Ok, played


Josh Briggs: [00:31:01] Bursts into the room. Yup, and he's about to walk through. Everybody knows what's about to happen to my commercial.


Sargon Hanna: [00:31:08] Oh my God.


Josh Briggs: [00:31:09] At the time, I was working for a company that was had a strict, no moonlighting policy. You were not allowed to have as a manager for the company, you were not allowed to have other another job or whatever. So I couldn't tell anybody, I literally called out sick to go to the audition, called out sick for the, you know, got my schedule so I could shoot the video without telling anybody, see the commercial. Then the commercial came on and the next day I go to work and it was like I saw a guy looks just like you on this commercial.


Sean Briggs: [00:31:39] I was like, Really? Everybody saw that.


Josh Briggs: [00:31:40] That's interesting. Everybody saw.


Sargon Hanna: [00:31:43] Did you tell anybody like, Hey, you had to know what I was going to air? Or was it a surprise to you to?


Josh Briggs: [00:31:49] Yeah, it was a surprise.


Sargon Hanna: [00:31:50] Oh, that's awesome, man. That's really


Josh Briggs: [00:31:52] Cool. You can still find it.


Sean Briggs: [00:31:53] It's floating around because the Spanish version I've found, so it ran, it ran in Spanish and it ran in English. That's awesome. And I think the Spanish one hung around longer than the English one because I don't think they reshoot the at least back in the 90s. I don't think they spent quite as much money reshooting the multilingual stuff.


Sargon Hanna: [00:32:08] So interesting. Interesting. Now can I ask, is that a high paying gig? Do you get paid per year?


Josh Briggs: [00:32:15] So it's actually turned out to be a very good. Like so the way it works or worked, then I don't know how it works, and I have nothing to do with this industry at all anymore. But it used to be


Sargon Hanna: [00:32:25] Like, should we all quit our day jobs and go do this right now? Like if


Josh Briggs: [00:32:28] You can? Absolutely. Yeah, no question. Ok. Because I literally they put me in pajamas and I laid down in a bed and pretend to dream


Sean Briggs: [00:32:37] About


Josh Briggs: [00:32:38] Pretend to be eating a McDonald's thing while I was holding it and literally fell asleep during the shoot. It was about four and a half hours of my life, and I got paid for it for almost three years.


Sargon Hanna: [00:32:48] That's awesome. Yeah. All right.


Sean Briggs: [00:32:50] That's really cool. And the way the pay structure works, it's probably similar still. But like they have to pay to reserve the right to use it for a quarter. And even if they don't use it, they have to pay to renew it, to make it available. And then you also get paid when they show it. And then depending on what market and when it gets shown like, you know, if you get played in a little local network, you might only get 500 bucks. But if it plays national at the Super Bowl, you might get twenty five grand. And so you just get residuals, you get paid forever,


Sargon Hanna: [00:33:16] You just get checks sent to


Sean Briggs: [00:33:17] You and then you just get checks, just get checked because that's fucking they go to your.


Josh Briggs: [00:33:20] There's a there's a union. Yeah, but I wasn't in. I was a Screen Actors Guild takes care of all that and you have to you can do. Again, I don't know if it's still this way, but back then you could do one union commercial without being in the union. You'd have to get this thing called a Taft-Hartley contract. So I got in because the director was that confident in me doing the thing for whatever reason, even though I didn't have a headshot or a resume or I just went in and pretended to be a big boy, he was like, good enough. That's worth going around the union, and I don't know how that part of it works, but


Sargon Hanna: [00:33:55] We're going to get Chris Meyer back in, you know, some of the


Sean Briggs: [00:33:58] Side note. And Josh will admit to this, too. But on a side note around that point in time, Friends was the biggest TV show in the country, and people used to tell Josh, all the time, you look like David Schwimmer all the time. He had the same haircut, similar facial profile.


Sargon Hanna: [00:34:13] So maybe the director is an accident.


Sean Briggs: [00:34:16] Possibly because because playing a commercial during that episode of Friends was no different than playing a commercial during the Super Bowl. Yeah, yeah. So like they might have known like people are going to fucking think David Schwimmer is in the McDonald's commercial.


Josh Briggs: [00:34:27] Like, I was bartending at the time at three very popular bars in Boston, and I can't can't count every single day. You know who you look like? David, even though I have this cheesy goatee fucking, I'm going to shave my head. What else do I need to do?


Sean Briggs: [00:34:45] But there were enough. There was a point in time when you guys both kind of had the same haircut and everything. Yeah, for sure thing.


Sargon Hanna: [00:34:51] That's awesome. That's awesome. Yeah. So what commercials like would we be in right now if we could cast?


Sean Briggs: [00:35:00] You'd be surprised when you saw


Josh Briggs: [00:35:01] Commercial, but I would say, you know,


Sean Briggs: [00:35:03] No, no. Youtube's gone full commercial now. I think it's nonstop. Yeah, it's they figured it out. It's turned into television.


Sargon Hanna: [00:35:10] It's usually a


Josh Briggs: [00:35:12] Don't say that, don't.


Sargon Hanna: [00:35:14] I'm waiting for five seconds to hit the skip ad, and it's usually just a lady with a


Sean Briggs: [00:35:19] Laying on a bed. Meet young single women in your area. Pornhub, anyways, everyone knows that. So but there's lots of commercials.


Josh Briggs: [00:35:33] Doesn't have


Sargon Hanna: [00:35:34] Commercials? Oh, you paid for. You must have the membership


Josh Briggs: [00:35:38] Of the old app.


Sargon Hanna: [00:35:39] I mean, I wouldn't know. I mean, I don't know. I'm not. I don't really indulge in these. So let me just check NBC


Sean Briggs: [00:35:46] And my wife and I are watching Yellowstone on Peacock, the NBC app. Yeah, there's every it's every episode an hour and there's six commercials and you can't skip them.


Sargon Hanna: [00:35:56] Can you pay to upgrade or no?


Sean Briggs: [00:35:58] No, I paid, maybe, but I paid. It's six point ninety nine a month or something, but


Sargon Hanna: [00:36:02] I'll tell you this one. No, no, no. Peacock. Oh, different. It's different. Very similar.


Josh Briggs: [00:36:09] But I've heard. I've heard Peacock is so awesome. Everything I've been,


Sean Briggs: [00:36:13] It's the embassy NBC streaming service that our show actually


Sargon Hanna: [00:36:17] We were we were on.


Josh Briggs: [00:36:18] I know, and I actually was someone laughing. For that the other day.


Sean Briggs: [00:36:22] Yeah, really.


Josh Briggs: [00:36:23] Apparently, it's sort of the laughing stock of streaming services.


Sargon Hanna: [00:36:27] Oh, come on. I mean, whatever.


Sean Briggs: [00:36:28] You know what? No, I just saw an article Yellowstone


Sargon Hanna: [00:36:31] Tell them to got on a streaming service.


Sean Briggs: [00:36:33] Yeah, and Yellowstone is the


Josh Briggs: [00:36:36] Dead stream says. But that's, I would say, yelling at people not to drive by. I mean, if they cut me off in the car. Yeah. How about you get on a streaming service? What does that even mean anyway?


Sargon Hanna: [00:36:50] I'm just saying like, yeah, at least so you know, you made it there.


Josh Briggs: [00:36:53] Like, what kind of commercials would we do there? Come on, NBC should have killed it. Nbc it should show the greatest.


Sean Briggs: [00:37:00] But they waited a decade.


Sargon Hanna: [00:37:02] I mean, I mean, yeah, well, they all fucked up. Yeah, they are. Network TV is dead right now, but they


Sean Briggs: [00:37:06] Don't get it. They well, they get it now, but it could be too late.


Sargon Hanna: [00:37:09] Yeah. Oh yeah. Hbo is, you know,


Josh Briggs: [00:37:13] You always tell me that I pay attention with the kids are saying and Peacock is the joke of the streaming


Sargon Hanna: [00:37:18] One hundred percent. Yeah. Yeah. You want to know where the future is? Always look. Look at the kids.


Sean Briggs: [00:37:22] What are the kids? What are they willing to log into and pay for? Yeah.


Sargon Hanna: [00:37:25] And look at Facebook now. Facebook is like, now they're going to all going to change into that meta thing. Yeah, but it's all all the kids on Tik Tok. Yeah, Snapchat.


Sean Briggs: [00:37:35] And I get I get that for the instantaneous gratification, but like to watch a show you still need real sort of streaming?


Sargon Hanna: [00:37:41] Yeah, YouTube,


Sean Briggs: [00:37:42] Youtube starting to do full length.


Sargon Hanna: [00:37:43] And YouTube is going to kill it. I think they're going to take it over.


Sean Briggs: [00:37:45] Yeah. They haven't already. Netflix is obviously up there. They've been doing it. Huge. Amazon Prime again, because they have so much money. But Peacock's like way late to the game.


Sargon Hanna: [00:37:55] And I don't know if this is a Netflix marketing thing, but I mean, just the idea of the the Netflix and chill like that is, you know, that's it's kept them relevant just as much, I believe.


Sean Briggs: [00:38:06] But isn't the joke there that you don't actually watch Netflix?


Sargon Hanna: [00:38:09] Yeah, do you miss the point?


Sean Briggs: [00:38:11] Yeah, but it keeps them


Josh Briggs: [00:38:12] Relevant when you watch your show.


Sean Briggs: [00:38:14] And yes, so yes. So I didn't even look for where


Josh Briggs: [00:38:18] Are the controls is hard to use. Like I've heard, you can't fast forward or rewind.


Sean Briggs: [00:38:22] No, you can fast forward rewind,


Josh Briggs: [00:38:24] But not like it's awkward. Yeah, the whole thing is like, apparently it's set up like a it's like, Yeah, OK.


Sean Briggs: [00:38:31] But you know, it's it's like every app. Everyone should just use the same fast-forward stop, pause, rewind 10 seconds, whatever. But no, every app thinks they're they're cute and


Josh Briggs: [00:38:40] You hit it. They have to get back to the play in time or else you get too far ahead


Sean Briggs: [00:38:44] Or you exit out of the app entirely.


Josh Briggs: [00:38:46] Exactly. So why would NBC have enough money to do that, right?


Sargon Hanna: [00:38:50] I think I think it's market research, man. I think I think when you're too old and I don't mean this in like not that old people don't get it. But like, I think when you do your market research, if your developers aren't young and they're not looking to the future of things like you might like, like your problems are my problems even at thirty six or yours, at however old, at fifty five, whatever and are not going to be over fifty two and not going to be the same as the kid who is 18 years old. I mean, I used to think I was a whiz at like anything computer related. I was. I'm a whiz at it. I look at some of the stuff now. I'm like, I don't get anything right and I'm like, Not that far removed from it. And this was a like thing that I thought I understood completely. I can figure it the fuck out now. I'm like, I feel lost. I feel like the old man was yelling at clouds like, I don't get it. The world is moving too fast.


Sean Briggs: [00:39:45] Yeah, the I look to my kids for some of the like operational stuff with the apps, but from a computer standpoint, I still help them 100 percent of the time they come to me with all their computer problems, but not with not with, like how to navigate an app. And for me, it's mostly like like, for example, I just got the new iOS update on my phone and they've moved shit around for no good reason. I like the search bar went from the top to


Sargon Hanna: [00:40:10] The bottom again. Don't get me. Yeah, and don't get me going on the iOS update.


Sean Briggs: [00:40:14] Like why I can put it back. I actually think it's like three clicks to get rid of it, but like, they're trying like, Oh, it's closer to my thumb now or something like y. Yeah, but it's been that way for how many years. And now, every time I put my phone, I'm like, Where do I? Oh shit, right here? And it's it breaks the experience.


Sargon Hanna: [00:40:30] Change is scary,


Sean Briggs: [00:40:32] But so here's the thing if it improves it, I'm all for it. But they just move shit, sometimes


Sargon Hanna: [00:40:38] A hundred percent, and I'm not disagreeing. I'm saying it in.


Sean Briggs: [00:40:41] They move the X from to close out an application. They move the X to the other side from one corner to the other. Y, what are you doing? And now, instead of closing, the app accidently re-open it again. Like, you know, you have five web pages open and you minimize and you could start closing them and you just bring it to the forefront again. Like, Oh, damn it, oh man.


Sargon Hanna: [00:41:00] So how do we get all we got here from commercial?


Sean Briggs: [00:41:02] So what commercials will we be in? The thing is, we you. I think you'd be surprised, but, well, any kind of commercial?


Sargon Hanna: [00:41:10] Let me rephrase the question.


Josh Briggs: [00:41:10] You'd be cast more than either of us right now


Sargon Hanna: [00:41:14] Because my my what my good looks are. Yeah. Okay. Thank you much more. Thank you. You made me. Made me. Today, thank you very much. What commercial would you be in? What's a product right now that you're using that you would be like, Let me get in there, I want to tell the whole world about this.


Josh Briggs: [00:41:30] Oh, you mean if I had my choice? Yes. What product do I want to share with the world?


Sargon Hanna: [00:41:35] Yeah. That you're using right now that you're like, I would be the spokesperson for this.


Josh Briggs: [00:41:39] Oh my goodness. Um, well, let's see. There's I've got I've been in the past year. I've like moved on to a new kind of underwear.


Sargon Hanna: [00:41:49] Well, Tommy John Champion O Champion.


Josh Briggs: [00:41:52] Yeah, they've got the right kind of cut that just works for me. I would do it all day long.


Sargon Hanna: [00:41:57] I made I made Tommy John Madden for that. Yeah, if you don't have a pair, buy one pair and see how you feel.


Sean Briggs: [00:42:02] Okay, great. I wear the commandos.


Josh Briggs: [00:42:05] Oh no. Wait, that I want to know.


Sargon Hanna: [00:42:08] Yeah, is there a please tell me there's a company


Sean Briggs: [00:42:12] That's the gym security Tommy John?


Josh Briggs: [00:42:17] Yeah. You know, I don't. The thing is, I don't really have a lot of things that I used. You know, they think about it. Ok. Ok.


Sargon Hanna: [00:42:24] Like headphones or phone or like for me, I would. I would be the spokesperson for American Express. I'm telling everyone right now I've never had an American Express card. I've had it for about two weeks. I had one issue. I call it the customer service was great. The app is so easy to use, you get way more benefits than any other card I ever had. Wow. Like, I'm like, I'm happy to be a member of American Express. That is my wallet. Yeah, exactly. That what it is a Capital One.


Sean Briggs: [00:42:53] Yeah, I think that I would say I've for me, it would probably something in the cooking realm. I bought a couple. I bought a pan and a knife from a company called Mison MCN. And they're just great. They're relatively inexpensive and they're as good as any of the really expensive stuff I've purchased. And there were a Kickstarter, so they were like a fun me launch, and they actually followed through and I bought a pan and it's like a nonstick, all clad stainless steel slash aluminum. It heats up and holds heat. It's one of the best things. It's like one of the best pans I've ever


Josh Briggs: [00:43:27] W WW and


Sean Briggs: [00:43:29] Duck. Yeah, and I have a knife that I also use from them, and it's one of the best knives. And the knife was like 60 bucks and it's better than I've bought two hundred dollar knives and it's better.


Sargon Hanna: [00:43:38] So there's nothing better than having a good light when you're


Sean Briggs: [00:43:40] Thinking you guys bought some of it. Yeah, that's the company that recommended to you. Yeah. Is that stuff? Hold it up.


Sargon Hanna: [00:43:45] Absolutely. Absolutely.


Sean Briggs: [00:43:46] So I should be getting paid already. Anyways, I'm already a brand ambassador.


Sargon Hanna: [00:43:52] Hey, guys,


Sean Briggs: [00:43:53] But it probably be something like that. Or like, you know, every now and then I'll find a company that like just when someone does something a little different, you know, I like


Josh Briggs: [00:44:03] Comfort dot com. I don't know what to do. What's the one where you have to pick your?


Sargon Hanna: [00:44:08] Oh, I don't know. I mean,


Sean Briggs: [00:44:10] Yeah, Sleep Number, Sleep


Sargon Hanna: [00:44:11] Number.


Josh Briggs: [00:44:12] Have you ever used


Sargon Hanna: [00:44:13] One of those? Never have you?


Sean Briggs: [00:44:14] No, no, me either. But I do know I did have a boss that had one, and they should have paid them because they were they'd never shut up about it. So that's the best thing ever. So, yeah,


Sargon Hanna: [00:44:28] Where we are right now, this is episode called The Guy Shoot the shit about what's really


Sean Briggs: [00:44:32] In Miami


Sargon Hanna: [00:44:34] From an episode called Seinfeld.


Josh Briggs: [00:44:36] But don't forget Sleep Number McDonald's.


Sargon Hanna: [00:44:41] What do we promote today before going to McDonald's American Express? Mr. Smugglers like some beer pick organic or organic? All right. This is our this our picks for getting advertisers. We just want people to start paying us.


Josh Briggs: [00:44:56] The guys we are pandering in every way possible. Hey, can we talk about puppies for one minute?


Sean Briggs: [00:45:03] There's no money in how


Josh Briggs: [00:45:03] About country music?


Sargon Hanna: [00:45:06] Can we please have you all these songs that you love? I'm going on one CD Columbia House


Sean Briggs: [00:45:14] Tape a penny to this little circle and get 13 albums. All right.


Josh Briggs: [00:45:19] All right. I think we did it. Let's go.