LAST CALL - Hot Takes & Cold Beer

Episode 24- LAST CALL! The Guys discuss the NFL, New England Patriots, and how sports affects running a restaurant.

December 09, 2021 Hot Takes & Cold Beer Season 1 Episode 24
LAST CALL - Hot Takes & Cold Beer
Episode 24- LAST CALL! The Guys discuss the NFL, New England Patriots, and how sports affects running a restaurant.

Sargon Hanna: [00:00:21] So things.


Shawn Briggs: [00:00:23] There. What's up, everyone?


Sargon Hanna: [00:00:25] Hello, hello, Sargon.


Josh Briggs: [00:00:26] Hi, Sargon, I'm Josh.


Shawn Briggs: [00:00:28] Hi, I'm sorry.


Sargon Hanna: [00:00:28] I'm Shawn.


Josh Briggs: [00:00:30] Nice to meet you guys.


Shawn Briggs: [00:00:31] Nice to meet you guys.


Sargon Hanna: [00:00:32] Last call?


Shawn Briggs: [00:00:33] Yes.


Sargon Hanna: [00:00:33] Episode twenty-four or five, six, seven. Oh, we've been.


Shawn Briggs: [00:00:38] We have quite a few of these.


Josh Briggs: [00:00:39] I know we're going to. We're going to get to.


Shawn Briggs: [00:00:41] You'd think we'd be getting better at it. You know,


Josh Briggs: [00:00:45] What is this? This is a microphone. This it's so confusing. It's always in between you and I.


Shawn Briggs: [00:00:52] It turns out we just have a lot to say. None of it's interesting.


Josh Briggs: [00:00:56] Oh, I disagree. I don't have a lot to say.


Shawn Briggs: [00:01:01] Well, today we're going to do something that we always do. Just start with a beer. Oh yes. And today's beer of the week, it is a hazy offering from Kent Falls Brewing out of Connecticut.


Josh Briggs: [00:01:16] We've had these guys before.


Shawn Briggs: [00:01:18] Yes, and quick story about Kent Falls. We were at, we were at Trillium, the new Trillium and before they had opened up. Sometimes I hear Shawn and


Josh Briggs: [00:01:30] I one in Canton.


Shawn Briggs: [00:01:31] Yeah, it's all. Yeah, but the Reebok building? Yeah, yeah. And we were there because they were unveiling a new beer that was like seven different breweries were part of it. And in the MASH bill, you guys had your was a wheat flour and it was a wheat flour that you guys were using in your pretzels. So it was kind of like some synergy going


Josh Briggs: [00:01:53] On over there, supposedly.


Shawn Briggs: [00:01:54] And Ken Falls was one of the breweries that was part of that beer. The grain shed. I think it was called. Yes, and. The owner who happened to be there, the guy was like just a super cool, nice guy. And I remember leaving there being like, I'm going to buy more of his beer whenever it's offered. It's very rare to come come around these parts because I think he does most of the stuff out of Connecticut. But whenever we get it, I see it on the list. I'm trying to buy it because he's like, It's a really cool, nice guy.


Sargon Hanna: [00:02:27] Yeah, we hit it off.


Josh Briggs: [00:02:28] Is that an area of Connecticut? Kent Falls,


Sargon Hanna: [00:02:30] Connecticut. I'm going to guess.


Shawn Briggs: [00:02:31] Yes, I'm going to say yes. It's Kent, Connecticut,


Josh Briggs: [00:02:34] Kent, Connecticut. And maybe he falls after


Sargon Hanna: [00:02:37] You if you drink enough.


Shawn Briggs: [00:02:39] I've been there before, I think, but I just can't remember. Hmm.


Josh Briggs: [00:02:46] Just a way of describing him. So this is called walks and talks Kent.


Shawn Briggs: [00:02:52] This is called superscript. It's a six percent IPA, so give it a shot.


Josh Briggs: [00:02:57] That's pretty low for this hazy kind. I would have I thought to say like eight point nine


Sargon Hanna: [00:03:02] Or it looks like it. It almost tastes like it, too. But it's no, it's the light at lower ABV. It's very


Shawn Briggs: [00:03:06] Nice. Yeah, I think it tastes great. And oh, I do too. Very easy to drink.


Josh Briggs: [00:03:11] That's not at all what I thought was going to taste like.


Shawn Briggs: [00:03:14] It's IPA brewed with 100 percent locally grown malts and hops purchase directly from the farms that bread grew and harvested them. So it's much


Josh Briggs: [00:03:26] I was expecting more of the creamy mouthfeel


Sargon Hanna: [00:03:28] A little bit. Well, he doesn't call it a New England IPA, does he? No. Yeah. So it's a hazy IPA, but it's not a New England style, even though it's, you know, cloudy.


Josh Briggs: [00:03:38] And what's making it so cloudy, Shawn? I know you've told me, well,


Sargon Hanna: [00:03:41] It's a filtering issue, right? So, you know, most beer is pretty cloudy if it's not filtered, but breweries for years and years and years filtered out the stuff that they use to create the beer. But when you start adding things like oats and certain other additives, not additives necessarily, but other things in the MASH bill, they do create a mouthfeel. So New England IPA is typically use oats, and it provides that creamy mouthfeel and they leave it in their hazy because it just creates a texture. So this has some stuff left behind it. It's not a filtered beer. Hmm. But but it's not a kind of straightforward New England IPA. It's got a little more hops to the end of it.


Josh Briggs: [00:04:19] Yeah, I like it a lot. It's very I would actually drink this one. I could drink a couple of these at six percent, six percent, not heavy. So it doesn't have that medicinal thing. It doesn't have the vegetal thing, necessarily. There's a little bit of something that happens.


Shawn Briggs: [00:04:34] No, it's great. It's enough to make you know you're drinking an IPA, but very easy to drink.


Josh Briggs: [00:04:40] Super delicious. I'm impressed by this one. A lot.


Sargon Hanna: [00:04:43] Everything we've had from him has been good.


Shawn Briggs: [00:04:45] Yeah, I mean, they do a lot of like the seasoned farmhouse styles which are not like, you know, it's their own right, but they're not big sellers here at the restaurant, right? So sometimes it's hard to get a good beer. Or I shouldn't say a good beer, but a beer that we could sell here.


Josh Briggs: [00:05:01] Yeah. So I was I was kind of hoping to. There was a beer that I really wanted to talk about on the podcast, but it sold out in a matter of like forty five minutes. Yes. And I feel like we should at least take a minute and talk about the new exclusive beer that was only here at reunion.


Shawn Briggs: [00:05:19] Yes. First, the first log of its kind of for sale anyway. So a buddy of mine and a group of buddies, but one near and dear to me, one of my best friends, Brian Ryan, him and his friends had started a brewery called Slow Down Brewing.


Sargon Hanna: [00:05:36] And wait, wait, slow down.


Shawn Briggs: [00:05:38] Slow down. I'm sorry.


Josh Briggs: [00:05:39] But without the W,


Shawn Briggs: [00:05:41] Not with the W slow


Josh Briggs: [00:05:42] Down. Oh, it is. Yep.


Sargon Hanna: [00:05:44] Sl Oh no, it's actually slow w.


Josh Briggs: [00:05:46] Do you see Brian? If you gave me a shirt?


Shawn Briggs: [00:05:49] Well, that's yeah. I mean, this is the only reason why I don't want to promote this. I didn't get a shirt either, but I'm not bitter about it.


Josh Briggs: [00:05:58] The told him directly. I was right.


Shawn Briggs: [00:06:01] Brian's been actually helping us out, like with one of our Instagram pages called Reunion Beer Club. So he comes in and we'll take pictures of beers and he helps me write the comments and or the captions, if you will. I just when you know, a good friend of Ally of reunion, a good friend of reunions and a beer lover and a beer lover.


Sargon Hanna: [00:06:19] We've traveled to


Josh Briggs: [00:06:20] Brews with him. Absolutely. And it turns out a very good beer maker.


Shawn Briggs: [00:06:24] Yes, that


Josh Briggs: [00:06:25] Beer was fucking


Shawn Briggs: [00:06:26] Fantastic. Yes, it was great. So he gave us a log.


Sargon Hanna: [00:06:29] One of his told


Shawn Briggs: [00:06:30] Us told us, Yeah,


Sargon Hanna: [00:06:32] He's got his license, finally got his license brewers now.


Shawn Briggs: [00:06:35] Yep, and we bought a log of Agent of Chaos, one of their IPAs, and we made sure that we were going to promote it correctly. And we told them to tell all his friends what's going on at Thursday at four p.m. and by Thursday, around 6:00, maybe 6:15 p.m., that log was kicked.


Sargon Hanna: [00:06:52] Fastest ever.


Shawn Briggs: [00:06:53] Yeah, I think that was the fastest we ever sold to


Josh Briggs: [00:06:55] Work for a company called Slow Down.


Sargon Hanna: [00:06:59] No, it definitely was the fastest we've ever sold a log of.


Shawn Briggs: [00:07:01] Yeah, and a lot of it. We were telling people that this is a special beer, but we do that a lot. Debut one, of course, and when the customers who are not part of what we do normally, just regular customers who want a nice IPA to drink, if they're ordering that again and again, that's when you know you did something, right?


Sargon Hanna: [00:07:21] Yeah, we're not saying this because he's a friend. We're saying it was good beer.


Josh Briggs: [00:07:23] It really was.


Sargon Hanna: [00:07:24] Yeah, absolutely. It's nice that he's also a friend, but we will buy his beer again.


Shawn Briggs: [00:07:28] Yes. So he he told me we were going to be able to get another one either tomorrow or Sunday for. Oh, no kidding. Very cool. So yeah, so that be on the lookout for slowdown brewing. These guys are going to do something big, I think.


Sargon Hanna: [00:07:38] Rumor has it. We will be the exclusive retail location for it, for quite a while, for a couple of reasons. One, there are tiny brewery. Yes. And two, he wants to keep it quality and he wants to keep it close.


Shawn Briggs: [00:07:49] So. Absolutely love it.


Sargon Hanna: [00:07:51] Absolutely. Yeah, he did a great job.


Josh Briggs: [00:07:52] Yeah, I just wanted to make sure we


Sargon Hanna: [00:07:55] Know that was good. Good call.


Shawn Briggs: [00:07:56] Good call.


Sargon Hanna: [00:07:57] And by the way, I got a T-shirt. You did. Yeah, but it didn't. It didn't fit. So my wife has it.


Shawn Briggs: [00:08:03] Oh, jeez. Well, now I take everything I said back. I did that.


Sargon Hanna: [00:08:07] All of I was here earlier than you, that you guys that day I go, There are cool shirts. Nice. Another man.


Shawn Briggs: [00:08:16] Another thing that I've been finding very interesting lately here at the restaurant is that our Sundays,


Josh Briggs: [00:08:23] Sundays,


Shawn Briggs: [00:08:23] We've been getting a huge crowd for football


Sargon Hanna: [00:08:26] Go pats,


Shawn Briggs: [00:08:26] Which like we wanted. I think two years ago, that's what we wanted. That was the whole point of like having TVs in the bar, and I just don't really recall it ever coming to fruition the way we expected it. And I think, you know, you guys can agree or disagree. But I think part of it, we always said, Well, you know, people have their traditions, they have where they watch the game. They like to either go to a buddy's house or they'll stay at home or they have a particular bar. They like to go to watch the game and it's hard to break people of that habit. And then when COVID happened, I don't know if that changed.


Josh Briggs: [00:08:59] I think it's more than COVID. I think that New England football has changed, too.


Shawn Briggs: [00:09:03] Well, it's way more deflating than it was.


Josh Briggs: [00:09:05] Well, people are. It's the Brady thing got so comfortable. We all knew like, it's going to basically be fucking great. We're going to basically watch something that nobody else can see and we're going to. Now it's different. You're like, if the patriots lose, you're not all that surprised anymore. If they win, you're excited, but it's nowhere near the same for me anymore.


Shawn Briggs: [00:09:26] There's a suspense, right? It's not a sure thing. I mean, before it was, if they lose, you're disappointed or that's not supposed to happen. And if they win, you're like, Yeah, of course they won. That's what's supposed to happen. Not now. When they win, it's exciting. Again, it's fun.


Josh Briggs: [00:09:40] And I feel like people maybe are willing to say, like, I'm going to change my habits a little bit of how I got used to. We got really comfortable. Yeah, with a lot of our sports, for that matter, of course. But like, you know, you pretty much knew like if you were planning a football party with the Brady Brady plant, you're like, Yeah, I'm going to make sure I get the streamers for the win. I make sure it gets stocks might have


Shawn Briggs: [00:10:01] Been more important, right? Exactly. But now, you know, like, yeah, and people are invested now like people want to see like Mac Jones can do. I mean, last year was different. It was weird and almost like last year almost didn't happen, right? Like it was that time when you break up with your longtime girlfriend and you're really heartbroken over it and she's doing really well and you just kind of in the dumps. And then now this year, it's like, Hey, we moved on. We found somebody else and we're not with the rebound. We might be with the next sure thing, the next serious thing.


Josh Briggs: [00:10:33] And yeah, I mean, he threw three whole passes other day. So I mean, he can hand that ball off like the fucking best of them. Like, what was that? Can we talk about that for a second?


Shawn Briggs: [00:10:43] They got to do whatever it takes to win. Just don't screw up.


Josh Briggs: [00:10:45] That's all. Do you think that was all that was?


Shawn Briggs: [00:10:47] Yeah. Defense run the football and defense.


Josh Briggs: [00:10:50] And just because the wind?


Shawn Briggs: [00:10:52] Yeah. Well, that and I think, yeah, well, a lot of it was the wind.


Josh Briggs: [00:10:56] He's been throwing those like little five yard screen passes to the right. All fuckin season, he couldn't drive me crazy. Like, I'm like. But they couldn't do the other guy and the team the other day was just tossing them. No problem.


Shawn Briggs: [00:11:09] I think a lot, I think a lot of it had to do with game plan, and then Buffalo could not stop the run. They could not stop anything that the Patriots were putting down. And so when they couldn't stop them, patriots probably like it's not broke. Don't fix it, you know?


Josh Briggs: [00:11:24] I truly hope that our father watched this game. I haven't spoken to him yet. I actually sent him a couple of texts, but he doesn't really text. And because this is my father's kind of football, well, we're watching a lot of this season is like this defensive powerhouse run the ball like not a ton of these, like super impressive like long throws and like flashy shit. It's like, run it, get three yards, run it. Get four yards.


Shawn Briggs: [00:11:49] Have you have you guys watched man in the arena? No, no. So man in there we we had talked about the Jordan documentary. Yeah, yeah. So man in the arena is the Tom Brady documentary. Oh, really? And there's ten episodes. And every episode he just goes into the Super Bowl, what happened in that Super Bowl,


Josh Briggs: [00:12:09] The comeback one?


Shawn Briggs: [00:12:10] Yeah. So the episode I'm only I'm only on episode one, episode one was obviously the first Super Bowl, and they talk first. Yeah. And they talk about how that was Bledsoe's team and Bledsoe got hurt and Brady took over. But he goes through all the Super Bowls, every single one. So. But there's well, he won seven, right? He's lost three. So this 10 episodes,


Josh Briggs: [00:12:31] Oh, each Super Bowl


Shawn Briggs: [00:12:32] He goes through that takes you through all of


Josh Briggs: [00:12:34] It. That's really cool. And oh, I want to watch that.


Shawn Briggs: [00:12:37] So I love the episode


Josh Briggs: [00:12:39] One, and it's all like NFL film the whole deal. Like, Yeah,


Shawn Briggs: [00:12:42] But yeah, but it was like Brady, you know, so they had Brady, Willie McGinest and Drew


Josh Briggs: [00:12:48] Bledsoe sitting there.


Shawn Briggs: [00:12:50] Yeah, and there each talking about what happened in that season. And you know, the narrative for the first season was Bledsoe was a franchise guy. He had just signed a 10 year deal. Second game in gets injured. Brady takes over and there's like, really no expectations, you know, they just bring this kid. And he wasn't remarkable at all. He just played mistake free football and goes back to what you were saying about that last Monday night game. That's all Belichick wanted, he said. Just go out there, play mistake free football. Don't fuck up and the defense will carry us.


Josh Briggs: [00:13:23] I've watched that. Occasionally, that video shows up of when Brady went in for the Bledsoe game with I remember watching that game with John Madden as the. And he's like, by the end of it, he's like, Wait, what's going on with this? Who is this? What's happening like? He starts off feeling like, Oh, I don't know if that's the right idea. I think he's doing. And by the end, he's like a fan, you know?


Shawn Briggs: [00:13:44] Well, so that's what happened that at the Super Bowl, actually, it was a minute whatever left. And Madden said, Well, with this field position here, yeah, that's what I'm talking about from the Patriots. I think you're you know, you, Neal, go into overtime with this time and hope to win the toss and see what you can do in overtime. And sure, you know, obviously, Brady just marches down the field and gets down, and Terry keeps the field goal. They talk about the snowball game and how that was like, Brady said. That was probably the best like memory ever and the last twenty three years. Like his favorite, one of his favorite games, one of his favorite wins.


Josh Briggs: [00:14:20] So cool. Oh, I definitely want to.


Shawn Briggs: [00:14:21] So man in the arena on ESPN Plus, which we have over here. So if you guys are ever here late night looking for something to watch?


Sargon Hanna: [00:14:28] Awesome. Yeah, it's a different season. I feel like, you know, for years and years, the NFL has been going more towards a passing game. It keeps the scores higher. You know, casual fans like higher scoring games, passes are more dramatic. You can watch it in the open field, so it's easier to keep an eye on it. You know, unless you're a football fan, the stuff that happens down to the trenches, the two or three yard plays up the middle, the little off tackle, whatever. If you're not, if you're a casual football fan, you don't know what's going on. Big pile of people, a couple of yards, big pile of people, a couple more yards. It's like, yeah, you lose track. People want to see big, dramatic diving catches and like open field tackles, high speed stuff. But I think the coaches are now starting to realize that the other teams have been coaching for these passing games for so long that now there's vulnerability in the run game and the run game is back big. You saw a lot of running backs. I mean, you used to listen to like Fulgham guys and those guys talk about how the run game is over. It's done. It's never coming back. Running backs are a dime a dozen. Who cares? Don't even worry about running backs. They're important this year.


Shawn Briggs: [00:15:27] Very sure. Oh, absolutely. I mean,


Josh Briggs: [00:15:29] Now you've seen a lot of tight ends run to now. Yeah, it's just like running in general. Yeah, but it's great. I love it.


Sargon Hanna: [00:15:35] You know, having spent my football career playing in high school, in college, I was running back. So I always love that game. The running game, so it's fun to see it come back and it'll, you know, it'll shift back and forth. Now that everyone's running and having success, the coaches will adjust


Shawn Briggs: [00:15:51] Well, the coaches adjust. But then also the league adjusts, right? The one thing I think the NFL does right, even I think maybe the NBA a little bit too, is that they're adjusting their rules to their fan base, whereas baseball, for instance, has not right. Baseball is so lost they don't know how to keep anyone's interest. And there's a million ways to like fix the game, but they just don't do it.


Josh Briggs: [00:16:13] Did you see the which player? Was it the quarterback that faked the slide this weekend? He went up and went down like he was going to slide and everybody backed off, and then he stood up and ran another eight yards and another talked about because they're going to change the slide rule. Yeah, yeah,


Shawn Briggs: [00:16:29] That's a little I mean, I like that if it's within the rules, but oh, can I tell you something I dislike about football? You know, a few episodes, I'm here talking about betting and how much they love it, and it's fun. And man, I'll tell you last weekend and not love it.


Sargon Hanna: [00:16:44] Geez, saga on why you got


Josh Briggs: [00:16:45] Kicked in the nuts.


Shawn Briggs: [00:16:47] So there's there's a survivor pool that I was a part of and everyone has, you know? Yeah, sure, things are pretty cool and this won. The grand prize happened to be a big number. It was, you know, five digits. Thirty three thousand. Yeah, I was there was only started off started. It started. At six hundred and sixty eight people.


Josh Briggs: [00:17:05] Wow, that's a big pool, yeah,


Shawn Briggs: [00:17:06] And now there was only seven. Well, now there's only six. But there were seven people as of this weekend, and I went back and forth with who I wanted to pick. I had the Eagles selected all week. And then last minute change it to the Vikings. Oh, they were playing the winless Detroit Lions and the Detroit Lions somehow some way. Wonderful football


Sargon Hanna: [00:17:28] Game. Three seconds,


Shawn Briggs: [00:17:30] Three seconds left and they celebrated as if it was the Super Bowl because they got their first victory of the year. Yeah. I mean, talk about gut punch that sucked.


Sargon Hanna: [00:17:40] There's probably no one in the country. It hurt worse than you.


Josh Briggs: [00:17:43] It's possible. I don't know. Well, they'll spend a lot. Well, I don't know anybody better.


Shawn Briggs: [00:17:48] A lot of money. You know, and it's funny because Vegas actually might have gotten hurt because, yeah, one of the things that I kept hearing was that the Detroit Lions were a good money line bet. A lot of people, for whatever reason, felt like the Lions could pull that game off. And I was like, No chance, no chance, you know? And of course they did. Yeah. Hmm. But that's that's the thing man. Like to call gambling, right? But it's all right. It's all right.


Josh Briggs: [00:18:13] What can we do? Yeah, I've been Shawn. I've been through one of those that I can remember vividly.


Sargon Hanna: [00:18:18] Yeah, that's right. We were we were Super Bowl squares.


Josh Briggs: [00:18:21] It wasn't quite thirty three, but it was about half of that. I think it


Sargon Hanna: [00:18:24] Was. Yeah, it was sort of 16.


Josh Briggs: [00:18:27] Yeah, 16, 17. And we were to the very last second, like literally with like 10 minutes, 10 seconds to separate garbage points.


Sargon Hanna: [00:18:34] Two, it didn't change the outcome.


Josh Briggs: [00:18:35] Field goal was kicked and


Sargon Hanna: [00:18:38] We had the final digits


Josh Briggs: [00:18:39] For the game. But I was like, I'm not going to. I'm not. Maybe I'll get excited about it.


Shawn Briggs: [00:18:45] And well, that's the worst part, right? Like when you get when you build up that hope


Josh Briggs: [00:18:50] Because you've already spent the money in your head.


Shawn Briggs: [00:18:52] Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Like then like and the Vikings had were, you know, kicked a game like to go ahead field goal. Yeah, the lions get the ball with no timeouts left and they had to drive the whole length of the field. And in your mind, you're like, it's never going to happen like that. The Vikings won. And of course, it doesn't happen the way you think. That's the worst part is when you give yourself hope.


Sargon Hanna: [00:19:14] So how many games left in the season?


Shawn Briggs: [00:19:16] So the lesson here is don't hope for anything,


Josh Briggs: [00:19:21] Especially when it comes to


Shawn Briggs: [00:19:22] Gambling. I think there's about so there's 17,


Sargon Hanna: [00:19:25] 17 games,


Shawn Briggs: [00:19:26] 17 games this season, which is last year was only 16. And I believe they're on week 14, right right now. So three more weeks,


Sargon Hanna: [00:19:35] Three weeks left. So that means that the Patriots are guaranteed a playoff spot at this point.


Shawn Briggs: [00:19:40] Absolutely. Yeah. At a


Sargon Hanna: [00:19:42] Minimum, even if they lose the next four games, they'll at least get a wild


Shawn Briggs: [00:19:45] Card. I mean, it might be too early to tell that, but they're very close, very, very close because tiebreakers and all that stuff, they got the Colts, the Jaguars, the Dolphins and the bills. So they got four games left. Yeah, so there's four more for more. Yeah. And then this bye week, so five more weeks something else?


Sargon Hanna: [00:20:01] Yeah, but they don't have yeah, they already had their bye. No, no. Thereby last week. This week? Yeah, yeah. So they're pretty close to being guaranteed in it. And it's interesting. It's nice to see the Pats like right back in the race.


Josh Briggs: [00:20:14] Yeah. For me, I was I will just going back to where we started this conversation, just being here in the bar with all the TVs on and all the people and the sounds on. And it feels like I remember when we were hanging, you know, we've got eight beautiful TVs there that are like high def, the whole deal. I mean, obviously everybody's high def., I don't mean like that. But like even three years ago when we started the conversation, like we went a little above and beyond. I think as far as getting them making sure they all look the same and they all sound the same and all that. And to see people finally feeling like, Oh, that's the spot, that's a good place to go and watch the game because it is. We have so much fucking fun down here.


Shawn Briggs: [00:20:52] And you know, what's funny is that we have had huge moments like sports moments for Boston. Here we open this restaurant. It was August twenty nine twenty eighteen in October of twenty eighteen. The Red Sox won the World Series. Mm hmm. So we we got to witness a World Series now. With that said, that was on a Sunday night and there was nobody in here where you and I were. You might think my cousin and one of our old managers. Yeah. And that was it. And the year after that, if I'm not mistaken, that was the year that the Patriots had played the Kansas City Chiefs in the or that same year, the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game one and went to the Super Bowl to play the Rams. Yeah. And so there was a Super Bowl that we had witnessed. Now, obviously, we weren't open for that that day, I think, because notoriously Super Bowls are kind of dead times for restaurants. Yeah, they are. And even though in the AFC Championship Game we had, we were open. We invited people to come out and the weather was shit, right? So not a lot of people showed up, but that was still another fun game. Yeah.


Sargon Hanna: [00:21:51] And prior to COVID, we just didn't get that much of a turnout for football for Sunday's


Shawn Briggs: [00:21:56] And then also to the Boston Bruins went to the state finals. We had a good group of people who would come in and watch those games or. Us, yep,


Josh Briggs: [00:22:04] Yeah, and the Somerville curling guys made it to me,


Shawn Briggs: [00:22:08] So like, you know, that's, you know, we're very fortunate here in Boston that we get to like, experience that kind of stuff.


Sargon Hanna: [00:22:15] Hands down the most spoiled sports market in the world.


Shawn Briggs: [00:22:17] Oh, absolutely, absolutely.


Sargon Hanna: [00:22:19] Of any sport in general, even, you know, to have so many sports, make it to so many championships and also win so many.


Josh Briggs: [00:22:25] I'll tell you, though, I'm having more fun watching the NFL this year than I have in many years, so I haven't. I've been watching a ton of games like that are completely outside of like that. Make no difference to us, necessarily. You know, I'm a Monday night game all the time. I mean,


Shawn Briggs: [00:22:40] You know, because Brady became predictable, Brady was missionary sex. You know, it's you know, it's fine. It's good, it's a job done, gets the job done. You know, it's it is what it is, but it's predictable. You know what's going to happen here? You know, with this Mac Jones we had we had a little bit of you never know what you're going to get a little variety. You might get a little cowgirl. You might, you know, you donkey. You don't know what's going to happen.


Sargon Hanna: [00:23:03] Something right up the middle, something a little on the side, something a little.


Josh Briggs: [00:23:07] Actually, it's mainly just these fuckin ScreenPad, except last night or two nights ago.


Sargon Hanna: [00:23:14] But yeah, it's nice. And the COVID certainly helped football. I think at least here in the restaurant, people want to be out and celebrate with other people. I mean, every Sunday, the bar is full now, like at least the bar is full for the games, like pretty much every seat and people stay the whole time for the most part. You know, we get a lot of people come in and at halftime they go home or we get people to stick around for the whole day and watch games.


Shawn Briggs: [00:23:35] So one thing that like, I want to we get red zone on to. And if you don't know what Red Zone is, it's basically like a channel where you can watch, you know, all time. Yeah, any time a team is in the red zone because they're about to score a touchdown or a field goal, they'll go to that game. And so you don't have to sit there and watch commercials or, you know, watch the boring stuff on their own 30 yard line or whatever. And so that's great. And it's also great for


Sargon Hanna: [00:23:59] Fantasy, for fantasy, guy. Yeah.


Shawn Briggs: [00:24:01] And it's great for gambling as well because we get to the up to date what's happening with the scores and everything. And that's kind of like one thing that I want to do here. I just don't know how to, you know, be like we are we are gambling friendly here, like, come down and we could talk about it all day if you want, you know,


Josh Briggs: [00:24:17] But we're getting closer, right, Massachusetts to sportsbooks


Shawn Briggs: [00:24:22] Again, that's what they say.


Josh Briggs: [00:24:23] But we've talked about this before and the thing, but on the on the podcast. But I I keep hearing that it's like going to be part of like legislation and stuff moving forward.


Shawn Briggs: [00:24:33] Yeah. And again, I don't know what really. I don't know if it's like a it's a political thing that you know, you don't want to be the guy to be the one to present the article or whatever. But like, I


Sargon Hanna: [00:24:43] Don't get it. We have gambling. I don't understand why. There's no sports betting. It makes no sense.


Shawn Briggs: [00:24:47] Yeah. And I don't I don't know what's stopping it, but yeah,


Sargon Hanna: [00:24:50] Especially when the other states are doing it around


Shawn Briggs: [00:24:51] Us. Exactly. But as soon as like that happens, that could be it could be even more fun. I think on Sundays, you know, as long as people do,


Sargon Hanna: [00:24:59] Although I kind of think anyone I know that would like to bet on a game is still able to, yeah, they're doing. I don't know anyone who's not a victim and I can't bet on a game because I live in Massachusetts


Josh Briggs: [00:25:10] Like DraftKings and stuff. Well, right.


Sargon Hanna: [00:25:11] I mean, no, but like that stuff that'll make it easier for some people. But people who want to gamble on games, there's a billion ways to do it. So it's not like no one's doing it. So I don't know why the state would be giving up the revenue.


Shawn Briggs: [00:25:20] Well, it was like, you know, before marijuana.


Josh Briggs: [00:25:22] Exactly like everybody, I know the ones. We've gets weed. Yeah, so.


Sargon Hanna: [00:25:26] So exactly.


Shawn Briggs: [00:25:27] Nobody waits for it to be legal. And then they're like, Now I can finally do this.


Sargon Hanna: [00:25:30] So that's what I'm saying. So why would the state be giving up that revenue when it's there? We know it's being spent, it's just being spent somewhere else.


Josh Briggs: [00:25:36] I mean, my my guess is the mafia. That's as if I'm going to guess


Shawn Briggs: [00:25:42] Who all of the money, I'm sure there's money, you know, somebody's not getting paid or whatever.


Sargon Hanna: [00:25:46] Yeah, but it's nice to see the Pats keeping it fun. And Bill's was great us beating them. And that was fun because the bills have been a decent team for a couple of years now, and it's nice to see us just a little bit ever throwing the ball.


Shawn Briggs: [00:25:59] It'll be interesting to see. So this week is the bye week for the Pats, right? So it'll be interesting to see. I mean, the Pats were on Monday night and our bar was still packed with people, so I'd love to see what's going to happen this Sunday as well. And people are going to be, you know, people use the bye week to to not watch football or if they're going to


Josh Briggs: [00:26:18] Come and eat a lot of people buying their Christmas trees and decorating their houses and stuff. Exactly. That's yeah, I think it's a good stuff. Chick off the honey do list this week, I think. Yeah, I wouldn't plan on much personally. I don't think.


Sargon Hanna: [00:26:32] Never know. Weekends have been. I mean, it is our peak season.


Josh Briggs: [00:26:35] Let's just hold them. Let's just hold the flag football game in the back parking lot


Shawn Briggs: [00:26:41] Would be who would be the number one draft pick


Sargon Hanna: [00:26:44] In this building? Yeah. If my knee was OK, it would be me, but definitely not.


Josh Briggs: [00:26:48] It's definitely not.


Sargon Hanna: [00:26:50] I can barely walk lately.


Josh Briggs: [00:26:52] I'm going well.


Shawn Briggs: [00:26:53] I'm going. What do you think fouls the low key kid?


Josh Briggs: [00:26:55] Like, I'm thinking, going, Tony, I'm going fattier Tony for running back and going Matty B for line. I'm going. Maybe that four wide receiver,


Shawn Briggs: [00:27:06] Yeah,


Sargon Hanna: [00:27:08] Just Matt in general, looks like the most athletic of our batch.


Josh Briggs: [00:27:12] Yeah, but I mean, if I'm running, I want Matty B pushing the guy in front of me. Oh, yeah, he's blocking.


Sargon Hanna: [00:27:18] But see, I don't know if Fatty or Tony knew what football was. They'd be great, but I'm afraid they'd run in the wrong direction like


Josh Briggs: [00:27:28] They just don't know anything


Sargon Hanna: [00:27:28] About football. But, but athletic wise, yeah, they're both. They can lift anything. And I'm going to guess Matt.


Shawn Briggs: [00:27:34] And, you know, not to discriminate. I would take Jackie on my team. Jackie used to play hockey.


Sargon Hanna: [00:27:39] Oh yeah, Jackie's tough like hockey hockey.


Shawn Briggs: [00:27:41] I'm like field hockey. She's like, No, like, like I say, it's like, Oh, you're a bad bitch, OK?


Josh Briggs: [00:27:46] Oh yeah. No question, no question. I don't want to have this game, by the way. Yeah, every time we're not, I'm sure I'm just thinking of


Shawn Briggs: [00:27:54] My knees hurt just


Josh Briggs: [00:27:55] About every company I've ever worked for that had the company like softball game. Someone always gets hurt and everybody, somebody breaks a fucking knee or something true that


Shawn Briggs: [00:28:08] Someone's just trying too hard.


Josh Briggs: [00:28:09] Yeah. Well, they like they were, you know, good in high school.


Sargon Hanna: [00:28:13] Oh, yeah, that's that's always those are always


Josh Briggs: [00:28:15] The people that just said he was going to be the best player.


Sargon Hanna: [00:28:18] I said if my knee wasn't hurt, I would be. But I know better now. I know better so I can still throw the ball.


Josh Briggs: [00:28:25] Really, it's not that, can you? I can. I've never been good at that.


Sargon Hanna: [00:28:28] Yeah, I can still throw a football country.


Shawn Briggs: [00:28:30] My uncle Rico can, too. Yeah, you can throw the Uncle Rico.


Josh Briggs: [00:28:35] I don't know that Napoleon Dynamite. Oh, I know, I know now. I forgot his name is Uncle Rico. That's amazing.


Sargon Hanna: [00:28:48] So this could be, you know, the the Buccaneers are still very much favored as well, even though it would be a repeat and that they're usually not. That's usually statistically little choice. But with Brady


Shawn Briggs: [00:29:01] Tell you right now, if Patriots Bucs Super Bowl, it


Sargon Hanna: [00:29:04] Will be the most watched Super Bowl


Josh Briggs: [00:29:05] In history. Yeah, what are the like?


Sargon Hanna: [00:29:09] There is a chance.


Shawn Briggs: [00:29:10] There is a huge chance.


Sargon Hanna: [00:29:11] I think that's pretty high up there right now.


Shawn Briggs: [00:29:12] Yeah, I mean, again, Bucs even just returning to the Super Bowl, those are kind of the patriots bringing a rookie rookie quarterback going to the Super Bowl that can be tossed.


Josh Briggs: [00:29:22] But as long as it's not Patrick Mahomes, I don't care anybody but that guy.


Shawn Briggs: [00:29:28] I'll tell you, though Pats pats Brady. That would be almost like you need to go to the Super Bowl and watch that. Like that could be that


Sargon Hanna: [00:29:35] People will mortgage their houses to get tickets. Have you


Josh Briggs: [00:29:37] Ever been?


Shawn Briggs: [00:29:38] I've never been. Have you guys to a Super Bowl? Know, I've heard. I've heard. It's very fun. Yeah. And but the game is slowed down. I guess big time. Like you're saying,


Sargon Hanna: [00:29:47] Slow down a


Shawn Briggs: [00:29:47] Lot of longer time outs and, you know, obviously the halftime show and all that, it's kind of a different feel completely.


Sargon Hanna: [00:29:54] Yeah. Well, I actually Josh and I as well. I think we know a number of people have beaten. I think we have an uncle or his cousin technically, but who used to go every year, and he used to say, like, there's so much going on in that whole week and the partying and the festivities that, like the actual game itself, is probably the least important thing like. And we know people who have gone and said, like, I don't really even remember the game. It was just so much going on around the stadium and everything. But they have an incredible time.


Shawn Briggs: [00:30:22] Yeah, I like I think football is one of those sports we watch at home. It's way better anyway.


Sargon Hanna: [00:30:26] Yeah, I mean, we we had a tradition where we were tailgate at least one pass game every


Josh Briggs: [00:30:31] Year and I never went in and we would just we'd bring TVs. I'd stay and watch the game in the RV. Like for me, I get lost in the game. I really do when when we're inside.


Sargon Hanna: [00:30:41] We went this year once and it was, yeah, we were in preseason. Oh, you didn't know Target and I went with Usher and Paul. Yeah, and we had a blast. Oh yeah. And we went. We were sat in Zodiacs seats. Yeah, no, we. So it is fun. If you're down close, it's pretty good. If you're up in the nosebleeds, it's really hard.


Josh Briggs: [00:30:57] I just I love for all my like. I don't love necessarily the commentators the whole time, but I love when they're like, you have to watch, especially when we were talking earlier about the defense guys, all that stuff that happens right at the line of scrimmage. I don't pay any attention to that. So when there's a one of the announcers like an extra defense guy, you know, like I think it's


Sargon Hanna: [00:31:18] They draw a circle and point and they're like, Watch this, see


Josh Briggs: [00:31:20] What this guy just did. And you're like, Holy shit, I would never have noticed that even if I was just watching it on TV, but especially live like


Shawn Briggs: [00:31:28] It goes by so quick and so much to pay attention.


Sargon Hanna: [00:31:30] Yeah, there's so much sport. I've always enjoyed football on television. Yeah, especially because the most important time of the season, it's too cold to be there. It's miserable.


Shawn Briggs: [00:31:42] So speaking of like kind of like big big events. We have Christmas and New Year's coming up Christmas and the restaurant. It's Friday. Christmas Eve is Friday. Christmas Day is Saturday. Yeah, terrible. Yeah, we're going to lose out on a weekend


Sargon Hanna: [00:31:58] New Year's and New Year's and


Shawn Briggs: [00:31:59] New Year, New Year's Eve and New Year's. So I think and then the Super. Ball is actually on the 13th, which is day before Valentine's Day. Yeah, so that's another day where usually traditionally Super Bowl is not that busy. We might lose out, whereas that usually that Valentine's Day weekend. Yeah. 13, 14 15 has always been busy.


Josh Briggs: [00:32:16] But yeah, it's not a great run for us. Although Valentine's Day to being on a Monday is fantastic for us. Yes, because usually the last few years.


Shawn Briggs: [00:32:25] Yeah, as long as the people still go out on Friday and Saturday,


Josh Briggs: [00:32:28] You know, yes or


Shawn Briggs: [00:32:29] Whatever.


Sargon Hanna: [00:32:29] But yeah, people have Valentine's Day reservations might skip the weekend.


Shawn Briggs: [00:32:33] Yeah, and then so and we were kind of talking like, now that we have this back room, do we want to do you know, does the there's a New Year's Eve party extravaganza work at the restaurant or is that is that like the sports? Is that like the Patriots in the bar? Like, is that like the people have their plans and they they normally do what they do on?


Josh Briggs: [00:32:54] I think we're going to do it. Yeah, we have a party. Let's do a party. New Year's Eve.


Shawn Briggs: [00:32:58] I like that idea a lot music.


Sargon Hanna: [00:33:01] I won't be able to be there, but we have the same dreams.


Shawn Briggs: [00:33:05] S. So even one of one of the three of us and normally I would have that family tradition as well. It's just that


Josh Briggs: [00:33:12] You gave


Sargon Hanna: [00:33:12] Up


Shawn Briggs: [00:33:14] My actually my father, who was the one who kind of like puts all that stuff together. It's not going to be around this year, so it looks like I'm going to be free. Depends, you know, as long as, Oh, that's your new laptop, go


Sargon Hanna: [00:33:29] Is a new laptop is participating.


Josh Briggs: [00:33:32] Last week, your


Sargon Hanna: [00:33:32] Phone was involved. I know my phone listens a lot. My watch actually listens more than my phone.


Shawn Briggs: [00:33:39] I'm just shocked that we talked about sports for however long we talked. Yeah, like, that's kind of not our normal podcast.


Sargon Hanna: [00:33:47] Well, we love sports and we're a sports


Josh Briggs: [00:33:48] Bar and we like to mix shit up. Yeah, that's right. People tell me all the time. Every time I come in here, there's something a little different and more exciting. Oh, we got it. Like, it's something we're all kind of passionate about. We've watched a lot of football this year. Yes, you just lost a lot of money. I'm going to remind you of.


Sargon Hanna: [00:34:04] No. No, he didn't lose. He just didn't win.


Shawn Briggs: [00:34:05] I lost the money. Not not real money.


Josh Briggs: [00:34:08] You lost thirty three. Yeah, you said, yeah,


Shawn Briggs: [00:34:11] I lost the potential to win thirty two thousand. So next, next week, I'm actually going to I'm just going to keep playing in my head. And then if I lose again, then I right.


Josh Briggs: [00:34:20] It's the game next week.


Shawn Briggs: [00:34:21] Oh, so the Tennessee Titans are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars at home. They already lost to the Jaguars this year. I don't think they lose again.


Sargon Hanna: [00:34:29] So so you would have picked them if you were, I


Shawn Briggs: [00:34:30] Would have picked Tennessee. Yeah, OK, we'll find out. I'm going to assume that I had I stuck with my Philadelphia pick, right?


Josh Briggs: [00:34:35] So I'm still in and you still watch with the rest of the team does. Or do they kick you out of that thing like, Oh


Shawn Briggs: [00:34:39] Yeah, I can still see that.


Josh Briggs: [00:34:42] So you'll be able to


Shawn Briggs: [00:34:42] Know if I'm never looking back into that site till next year, because that's how bitter I am. I'm once we, you know, once you break up, you don't go and look at the pictures. You throw the pictures right in the right in the fireplace.


Sargon Hanna: [00:34:57] All right. Awesome. All right. So.